The food is better today but the Keynote is worse
After ranting the other day about the hopeless breakfast offerings they came back with eggs, Sausage and bacon today. Which was a more paletable option than the last two days.

So on that note, I attended the ‘inspirational keynote’. The last networkers I attended this was Chuck Yeager – whose signature now adorns my Logbook – so anything would be a step down. But this one was a drop off the cliff.

In the spirit of Jon Stewart – Moe Roca did a take off on his TV shows with various US political themes and some ‘edgy jokes’. There were some laughs but the ‘contestants’ he brought up from the audience for a couple skits got bigger laughs.

The best one of the day – "What is the best thing about being a woman at Cisco Networkers?" – No line up at the washroom.

Next stop for Networkers is Anahiem next July.

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