The 101 ways a hotel tries to get more than the room rate from you.
I decided to stay at the Hilton as it was the main Conference hotel for Networkers here in Las Vegas. After much travelling over the last 5 years, I really should have known better.I have a rabid distrust for the ‘full service’ hotel chains as they have demonstrated less than excellent service at above average prices. The latest annoyance is the Las Vegas Hilton. Arriving here it was a reasonable looking hotel and I was paying a premium to be next to the convention center. I addition to the oom rate, they want 10.99 per day for internet, $3 if you want to use the little room safe, and $4/bottle for the bottle water. The water is provided complements of the hotel. Apparently ‘complementary’ doesn’t mean what I thought it meant. The room is rather sparse with a bed, soft chair and an office chair. The view is excellent but I am hard pressed to get my laptop and cell phone plugged in at the same time. The cost of connectivity – especially at a NETWORKING conference drives me off the deep end. Thankfully the conference itself has free WiFi so that is what I will likely be using most of the week.

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