Last Museum visits
Well, my 5 day museum pass ran out today so I got my last visits in. A trip to the Louvre first thing this morning. I was planning on grabbing some breakfast on the way but the line up was already starting at 8:30 so I stood in line and read my Green Guide (Le Guide Vert) with all the details. The doors opened at nine and I made my way through the ancient parts (500-600 BC) and then to the greeks and romans. They also have a part of the excavation of the original fort that stood at the Louvre. This shows the foot of the massive towers that used to stand on this site.

I then made my way to the 16th and 17th century paintings. Including seeing the dutch painter Vermeer, who was in a recent documentary I saw at home. I finished with the Renaissance tapestries and artifacts.

It was then on to the the Centre G. Pompidou which houses the Museum of Modern Art. There were several interesting exhibits but actually the best part was all the performers out front. The hit of the group appeared to be the 5 members of – what I am assuming – is a tibetan group.

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