Circumnavigating Paris
Started with a trip up Montmartre for the view of the city from Sacre Couer early morning. Then heading on the Metro to the Trocadero. The Chaillot Palace was built for the exhibition of 1900 (?) and is used for museums today. The French Maritime Muesum is there and that was a nice little tour.

On a side note, most of the museums are searching bags and in the case of the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Modern Art (Centre Pompidou) you have to check you packs and bags prior to entering.

Then a walk down the Gardens between the two parts of the Chaillot place that look on to the Effiel tower. Then a walk along the Champ de Mars which connects the Effiel tower (also built for an exhibition – they seem to have a lot of those here from 1870 to 1940) to the Ecole Militare. Past that and on to ‘Les Invalids’ this has the Dome Church – which is the final resting place of Napoleon and the Army Museum. Unfortunately large parts of the Army museum are closed for renovations – for 2 years.

So on to the metro to another museum in the North East of town. This is the Science and Industry museum at Villette. It is a funky place mostly designed to keep children ammused so I didn’t end up staying long. There big exhibit was ‘Star Wars’ but unless there is a working Light Sabre I can play with – I’ll pass.

Then down to the Centre Pompidou – again with the bag problem – so I will head back there tomorrow ‘sans sac’.

So in the late afternoon of Saturday it was time to think about some gifts to bring home. So shopping time. The Gallery Layfette, Champ Elysee, and the Bonne Marche (the real one not the American Chain). Didn’t end up buying anything but it was worth a look. Funniest thing I saw was the Dior Ipod Cases for the iPod, Mini, and the new Nano. That is just too funny.

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