Cooking Class
Today was a big day. My sister had bought me a cooking class so it was put up or shut up time for my culinary skills. Paule was our guide to the open air market just down from Place de Republique. The menu Rochfourt soufflé, Salade with baked Cheve, main course of Veal, Carrots, and Chantrel mushrooms, and an Apple Chocolate Tarte for desert.

As the one guy in the group I got the meat duty but also practiced my skills in caramelizing the Apples for the Tarte. While there were several very compleling dishes but the steps were laid out very well and all of us are expected to reproduce these when we get home. Even making a soufflé didn’t seem that scary.

My group was 6, including myself, one other Canadian – currently living in New York, a mother and daughter team from New Jersey, and a couple of longer term Americans-in-Paris – one from Berkley and the other from Minneapolis.

Finish the day with a trip to a couple of the cooking supply shops then I headed off to the Museum of Art and Science.

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