After a brief rest, back to the holiday travel log
After always being independent on my holidays, I am discovering that is a whole lot of work. So following the lead from my friend Murray in Philadelphia, I took a bus tour today and let someone else tell me what everything was. This was an open top double decker so it was an excellent photography platform while cruising around the city. So I headed over to the Effiel Tower, grabbed a little breakfast and picked up the tour.

There is just so much interesting stuff and there are other stuff that looks interesting but is really 20th century knock offs of the 18th century. It became clear with the dialog for the tour that alot of 17th century french work was torn down in the late 1800s and early 1900s to make way for ‘retro’ italian work. I could of got the dates wrong but that it what I heard. Got some nice photos up on the flickr site.

After the bus tour, I hit the Musee D’Orsay. Finally some artist I recognized. The Louvre didn’t do anything for me but I can get into Renoir, Moreau, and a little Pissarro. They push Van Gogh like the Louvre pushes the Mona Lisa. They did a nice job with the conversion from a train station to a museum. I didn’t realize that the D’Orsay was only opened as a museum in the 80s.

Finally on the trips around town on the bus I saw this one place for lunch that I just had to try. (Check it out at ) I drank a beer and watched hockey …. In Paris.

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