Driving from Ieper to Arras, with a small stop
First, It needs to be said how this EU thing works. I drive from Belgium to France and there are border crossings with the usual inspection booths – but their is no one there. The first time I saw it on the way to Belgium I reached for my passport, then realized no one was stopping. Feels very weird. The grass is over grown and the traffic whips through them at 90km/h.

Today I went the other way, there wasn’t even a border crossing, couldn’t really tell where the border was but when the signs changed language I figured I was in France.

I was about a 90 min drive from Ieper to Arras. I had to return my rental before the closed for lunch. By the way, everything around here seems to take a break from noon until two. Very different.

Well I had a few minutes, and I had to stop at Vimy one more time. I snapped a few more pictures for the album (http://www.flickr.com/photos/bkempthorne) I think I will be back, I need to see what it will look like after the restoration.

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