Belgian Medical Care
After suffering with a Achilles problem for almost a week, it was getting to the point I needed to decide whether it was bad enough to warrant going home or if I could make my trip to Paris next week. Following some prompting from home, I asked about a Doctor at the front desk of the hotel here in Ieper. I didn’t know when I could get in but I wanted to see what was possible. Two phone calls later, the lady at the front desk told me the doctor would be here by 8 – this was at 7:20 on a Sunday morning asking for a hotel – housecall in Belgium.

About 8:20 the doctor arrived, pronounced it a inflammation from over exertion – probably one of the two half-marathons I did in the last month – or the cumulative effect of both. Wrote me a quick prescription and advised me to fill it with the pharmacy on call in Grote Markt. Up to this point I hadn’t inquired about what this would cost – I was in enough pain not to care and my next alternative was a $4000 one way trip from Charles De Gaulle back to Victoria. He asked for 35 Euros and the prescription – that I had filled in about 10 minutes was another 17. All of this was done before 9 in the morning on a Sunday.

Other than the fact this ate through most of my cash, this was pretty sucessful. Apparently there is a problem using my bank card here in Belgium that I didn’t have in France. So I will be stopping at a few banks on the road today. Even if this means a 30 minute drive back to France.

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