I have worked for both public and private sector organizations so what follows is not specific to government projects, I just liked the quote for the title. 😉
In British Columbia, there will be an election in a couple months so this is the time to promise great and wonderful things. Having worked for several levels of government, I have one request ……

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t do that.

You realize in very short order how a million, or even a billion, dollars is not a lot of money when you start dealing with ‘everybody’.

By way of example, $1,000,000 in BC buys (approx)

One Cappuccino or Latte for everyone that lives in Greater Victoria.
One pad of paper for every doctor in BC.$0.20 off the ferry fare between Vancouver and Victoria. Keep school libraries open for 3 hours after school for about a week. (What can I say, my sister is a librarian)Bus fare (both ways – one day) for all the college (not university) students in BC.

So what should we do, well if you can’t do big things how about doing little things.

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