I would really like to have a blog entry everyday but like many people – my life isn’t that interesting. Some days my life isn’t even interesting to myself. let alone anyone else.
I have always found amusement in very small items. Yesterday it was the woman with the white cane reading the travel deals in a store window. Now she was probably just visual impared rather than completely blind but it is the sort of picture you could write a whole story about.

Today, it is the local news item. I live in beautiful Victoria and I know there is always a premium to live in a place like this.

But today’s news was that the Victoria Harbour Authority increasing the fees they charge buskers to work on the lower causeway in the Inner Harbour. The justification is that the fees they currently collect does not cover the cost of operating the causeway. Just to be clear the causeway is a 10 foot wide sidewalk around the harbour about 500 feet long.


Now I am not the best businessman in the world but I always felt that sidewalks were kind of a non-profit enterprise. Little did I realize I was missing out on a lucrative business market. They should have Donald Trump make this a task on the Apprentice! Maybe I should buy a curb and gutter franchise and work my way up.

In the profit versus non-profit discussion; there is an old bumper sticker “It will be a great day when schools get all the money they need, and the Air Force holds a bake sale to buy a bomber. ” Well in Canada that is at least partially true as last Christmas at the Canadian Air Force Base “At CFB Cold Lake, Alta., for instance, a silent auction will be held Nov. 24 in hopes of raising about $10,000 to buy turkeys and all the trimmings for soldiers.” Now that is just sad for so many reasons.

Meanwhile we have a public sector organization trying to turn a profit on a sidewalk.

Everyday there is always some thing that will make you go …. Hmm!

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