I have to believe that the average person is paying more than they ever have for ‘communications’ When I think of the cost of my internet, phone and cellular service, I must be spending a couple hundred dollars a month on all this stuff.
In listening to a article from the Harvard Business Review (via audible ) there was a discussion of what companies should do when there core business looses value. That includes bundling services and entering adjacent markets. I have decided that is exactly where I am.

My home phone service is from Vonage at a fairly economical $20/mo. My cellular service is a rather economical $20.mo. So how do I get to $200. Well as the comedian Gallagher said – Why do two $50 tires cost $150 bucks. …. its all the extras, like putting them on the car.

Well if you want the nice VOIP service, then you need the high speed internet … add $30.

The high speed internet needs basic cable or telephone service … add $20

While Vonage is rather good about including the extras, They probably deserve more of my money but they actually get the least. The other services have a long list of ‘extras’, like caller ID on my cell phone.

Of all the services you are likely to want on a cell phone, isn’t Caller ID #1?

Oh well, you load up all the ‘extras’ on the cell phone and the cable service, that drops another $30 or so.

Well the new cell phones aren’t really useful unless you can use the data service (wap, SMS). Add another .. $30.

Drop all the taxes, services charges you get pretty close to $200, especially if you use any additional features.

Well that is the downside, the upside is all the cool things you can do, like answer all your work emails from your favourite coffee shop. Now how much do I spend on double Americanos? …. Now that might be a worth a look.

Well if you want a quick look at coffee in Victoria .. then this might be worth a look .

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