For me, New Years Day is more fun than New Years Eve. Here in Victoria there is a well established tradition of New Year’s Leveés.
The major event is at Government House, where you can go meet the Lt Governor . Details of that and the Leveés are available here . They generally involve meeting your government, have some free food and coffee and conduct the more socially acceptable version of a bar crawl, as you go from site to site.

Here are some of the ones from this year.

HMCS Malahat: 9-10am, combined messes levee, Wardroom, 20 Huron St.
City of Victoria: 9-10:30am, City Hall (upstairs), 1 Centennial Sq.
Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s): 10-11am, Officer’s Mess, Bay Street Armoury, Field St. off Douglas.
5 (B.C.) Field Regiment RCA: 10-11am, Officer’s Mess, Bay St. Armoury, Field St. off Douglas.
Saanich: 10am-noon, Saanich Municipal Hall, 770 Vernon Ave.
Victoria Field Ambulance: 11am-noon, 741 Communications Squadron and 11 Medical Company Victoria, Combined Officer’s Mess. Lt.-Gen. Ashton Armoury, 724 Vanalman Rd.
Langford: 1:30-3pm, City of Langford, 877 Goldstream Ave.
Esquimalt: 1-2pm, Esquimalt Recreation Centre, 527 Fraser St.
North Saanich: 2:30-4:30pm, Municipal Hall, 1620 Mills Rd.
Oak Bay: 3-4:30 p .m., Garry Oak Room, Monterey Senior’s Centre, 1442 Monterey Ave.
Royal Canadian Legion: 2pm, Esquimalt Dockyard Branch 172, 622 Admirals Rd.
Maritime Museum: 11am-3pm, 28 Bastion Square.

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