• #victoriatweetup in Sooke and #vicocc downtown both this morning, choices, choices – looks like vicocc will win #
  • Police and yellow tape. Head and Esquimalt road. Coming Down roads ok #yyj #
  • Box says Bread, fresh. That's just wrong. http://twitpic.com/ecrjx #
  • LHR vs Hell A)LHR bigger, B) Hell better signage C)Hell staff politer, D)line thru security to Hell shorter http://icio.us/3cbdds #
  • RT @kevinpollak: It's true: Two kinds of people in the world: "Morning ppl" and those who want them to die in the middle of the night. #
  • Under the title: they don't make them like the used to "WWII bomb found in field exploded" http://bit.ly/oUHFP #
  • Hey remember thy sunny and warm thing? It's back! #yyj this has been a PSA for all you geek shut-ins #
  • How about tougher penalties for actual Pirates? "Lord Mandelson demands tougher penalties for online pirates" -… http://ff.im/6NqP1 #
  • This explains the yellow tape:RT @VictoriaNews: Man stabbed in Esquimalt: Police search for attacker http://bit.ly/FPc6G #
  • RT @lacouvee: Announcing the first family friendly #victoriatweetup Sun Sept 13 1pm @ Witty's Lagoon. #yyj pls RT. Can you come? #
  • RT @victoriatweetup: MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Fri Sept 25th @ Christie's 7pm for Girls Night #victoriatweetup. (via @lacouvee) (via @GDgeek) #
  • New Merlincast: I’m Writing a Book. | Inbox Zero http://bit.ly/RkzHm #yeah #
  • After a rough couple days there is nothing more enjoyable than intelligent conversation. Thanks @piers_hollott @jenn #vicocc #
  • #victoriatweetup Smackdown, its the Boys against the Girls next month, C'mon guys we can do this! #smirk #
  • @lacouvee I enjoyed it, all this twitter-connecting is really helping find great people and good conversation in reply to lacouvee #
  • Play spot the irony: "Why ATT Killed Google Voice: .. time for .. policy that encourages innovation." WSJ.com [Paid Membership Required] #

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