This space is intended to bring to your attention some of the more useful things that you can find on the internet. Specifically I will be mentioning WWW sites for educational use. If you have any you think should be shared please send the address to me at <>

This months notables

The Ministry of Education has started posting Exams an Answer Keys for previous Provincial Exams (1995 only right now) under the Examination and Assessment Branch Listing of the Ministry’s Web Site. The full address is;

While I’m mentioning Ministry resources, the IRPs, ILOs, and all the other letters of the alphabet are available at the Curriculum Branches Page at;

The neatest part about this is you can save the information by using the “Save as” command under the File Menu of you Web Browser (ie: Netscape) and you have an electronic version of the curriculum that you can manipulate. I use it to create my new course outlines and for unit plans. Great Stuff!

To avoid typing all of the address you can just go to and navigate from there.

A few others worth checking out
Want to see some of the Bill Nye Science Stuff Check out his web site at
All the info from the CBC including some great Science and Current Events Programs
A rather good index to see what other schools are doing is the BC Education Server

And just for fun; If you want to see what the seats you are buying for that Canucks Game look like check out the GM Place Seating Plan at

More fun next month. All this info will be availible on my web site at

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