Starting to see stuff out for the upcoming Provincial Election. Following the recent US E-lection, it is safe to say that we are going to get more web-friendly electionering this time around.

In addition to the first online registation system for voters, the regular web will provide a large chunk of the information delivery. I’m a fan of as the home of all the ‘inside Victoria” stuff. The regular media outlets, the party web sites, and Google News round out the top hitters here.

The online sources, whether the more classic website or the more blog-like commentaries, should be well represented across the whole political range.

Probably the most hyped technology from the US election – Twitter – will make a appearence in force in the next 6 weeks. I’ve updated my twitter to follow @ publiceyeonline and @VaughnPalmer
The local newspaper (or at least someone who reads it) has done a great job with updates @timescolonist

If you want a different point of view there are a number of electronic publications such as The Tyee .

The sleeper technology is going to be the media (audio and video). Will podcast and livestreaming become part of campaign coverage? Will it be generated by the parties, the large media outlets, or relatively independent third parties.

Next: The online candiate checklist.

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  1. Thanks, I will add some of those tweeters to my list. Its just creepy when some of the politicians follow back, especially knowing where we work.

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