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  • Ian Jukes

    Handout at

    • In planning for technology we filtering ideas through
      personal mind set. Expodential growth of technology a problem
      but not the Issue. Headgear lags behind hardware. Technology
      forces change in the way we do things.
    • eg: Moores Law Power 2x and price-30% in 18 mo.
    • In the first 10,000 years almost no change, in the last 50
      years explosive change and it’s not over yet. We can not
      be using old mind sets on new technology. Or view new
      technology as an extension of old technology.
    • What does the future hold.

      -Growth will continue by 2010- a PC will have 1TB HD 8 GHz
      processor 32GB RAM and cost $14

    • Web trends
      • In 1993 no WWW
      • Now 100 million Users
      • By 2000 400million
      • Internet is doubling every 120 days
    • Time to 50 milion Users;
      • telephone.. ~ 41 yrs,
      • Tv 38 yrs,
      • Internet email 3yrs
  • Jennifer James Notes at:

    • Excellent Keynote similar to the one she gave at NECC in
      Seattle in ‘97.
  • WWW Servers for transfering Student data.

    Jill Hanson Sierra Systems

    • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system for K-12 Piloted
      in washington state (among others).
    • Intelligent Server that could take specific record file and
      Convert it standard form for dilivery to other school.
    • Washington state EDI Pilot “Charlotte” servers. Exchanges
      between all school systems (macschool, sasi, etc) and Colleges
      (Peoplesoft Student info system).
    • This uses a international standard ANSI x.12 EDI standard.
      The final result will also support XML.
    • Servers use Netscape EC expert.
  • Creating a District Internet Proxy Cache and Filtering system
    – Dave Scott

    Handout at

    • Two proxies Safe Proxy for K-7 that only allows access to a
      specific list of sites. No password or logon required.
    • Filtering Proxy for 8-12 and staff using a filter list
    • The users can surf the intranet without using proxy. Once
      they hit the internet they are requried to athenticate.
    • LDAP server Provides link between IP address and user name.
      Log recorded by user name.
    • Surfwatch of allowable sites for k-7.
    • 8-12 Netscape proxy + Cyber patrol.
    • LDAP Server reacts with Proxy for Name to Slte log.
    • Future plans for proxy and DNS. A local level would be
      better than current district DNS.
    • Local proxies would also improve performance.
  • Learning Space

    www.learningspace. org

    • This is a consortium effort in Washington State to share
      information on planning, instruction, and support of
  • Tom Snyder
    • Intro: Educaitonal Theory Vigotski-“all learning in
      social”. Storytelling is a fundemental social interaction.
    • Schools could be the last vestiage of Coming Together.
    • What if one of the unitended consequences of technology is
      to reduce conversation?
    • To avoid the shock of rapid change to educaiton we need to
      know “How to do it Gently?”
    • Computer Literacy Is not literacy. The word ‘literacy’
      implies a fundemental urgency that is not necessarily
    • The word ‘interactivity’ is only function of education. It
      doesn’t get used in other places. Interaction = ” l don’t want
      a relationship with my WP.”
    • Interaction is intended to let students learn rather than
      having them taught. By letting students Choose their own path
      They might just end up running amuck. Interaction seems to
      involve clicking as fast as possible through a set of links
      with little or no commitment to the information that is being
    • The best Interactive software is about 1/100 as good as the
      worst relationship you can have with a cat!
    • Reference to the “The great geography Scare” – every 7
      years the Geography curriculum gets redone to solve the problem
      of students not finding their own state on a map.
    • Results: The answer to bad teaching and schools is not
      technology; it is better teachers and better schools.
  • SearchEngine Mini session

    Analisa Massanari

  • Linux Session

    • Server Services
      • DCHP,
      • apache (www),
      • CGI PERL,
      • Proxy,Nettalk (appletalk),
      • window Print and File Services (Samba)
    • Deskop
      • Commercial and free solutions availible
      • Wordperfect and Staroffice, Free to individuals, Cost to
    •– Source for cheap CDs of Linux releases
    • List of K12 Linux Resources

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