• Thriftys (Admirals) still had a decent supply of Fresh Turkey this morning – didn't expect that. #
  • @lacouvee first time doing Thanksgiving in my own kitchen, as long as I don't char the Turkey and get the Gravy and stuffing, I'm good in reply to lacouvee #
  • @douglasland congrats I'm a little behind you (30.5). Know what it feels like. Never forget the fundementaly cool things about being you in reply to douglasland #
  • RT @hotdogsladies When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a reason to buy a way nicer hammer. #
  • @dougransom love to hear how Shortcovers works for you. Couldn't get into it myself. #
  • @dougransom I still was looking for the Kindle-like experience of ebooks – Shortcovers really didn't do it for me. in reply to dougransom #
  • Know any Astronauts in Alberta, experience not a factor RT @reddit: Craigslist ad seeks suicidal astronaut | http://reddit.com/9st8m #

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