• Wonder what it would cost me to have the garbage guys NOT empty the dumpsters down the street at 5:45AM #
  • RT @DanB To help celebrate the 30th anniversary of shipping VisiCalc, could you tweet what you first used a spreadsheet for? (Use #visicalc) #
  • Thought it said twitterDuo: RT @flightlineuk Check out the Twister Duo, a brand new display team, 2010 – http://www.twisterduo.com #
  • Yes, its getting it out that is the challenge: RT @hummingbird604 @sleslie @vic_toria money? in ed tech? #
  • Going back after holidays I truely horrible. But then again I haven't taken many holidays. #
  • Just applied for a job with likely a huge paycut (no salary stated) but the company is just too cool. #howcrazyami #
  • Got my passport via registered mail in 8 working days – cool #whengovernmentworks #
  • @TTwynstra In a pinch I use the Universal Access – zoom feature used for visually impaired, all OSes and applications should work. in reply to TTwynstra #
  • Seriously going weekly on this? RT @jenn: thinking I'll be able to make it to #vicccc tomorrow morning – not entirely sure yet though #
  • @jenn – now your just messing with me in reply to jenn #
  • tweetup are not just for breakfast anymore: RT @nasatweetup Sent e-mails to those who made it into the STS-129 #NASATweetup and waitlist. #
  • I'm putting it in my calendar as VicOSOOA RT @jenn: @wakemp @piers_hollott i think #vicccc needs new branding #

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