• Its so nice, we're doing it twice (this month), RT @lacouvee: We're having #victoriatweetup again next Wed Oct 28th 8am @Cabin12Victoria #
  • Back from holidays – this week totally bites, #turnitaroundthursday #
  • Got on to #yammer for work. Interesting but kinda like a gift certificate, like money (Twitter) but not as functional #
  • @philcampos private-ok #yammer assumes everyone you need to have in a conversation are in you email domain #limitation in reply to philcampos #
  • CRTC requires Internet service providers to be more transparent about their Internet traffic management practices http://bit.ly/7Qoo7 #crtc #
  • @kevinaschenbren I actually wouldn't mind a straight pay by the bit model. CoS is different but it is hear already for lease services. in reply to kevinaschenbren #
  • @philcampos I find twitter acceptable, but getting other people into a PUBLIC conversation is a challenge – mountain to Mohammed problem in reply to philcampos #
  • Waver is a Compact Google Wave Client [Downloads] http://bit.ly/11wVcD #googlewave #lifehacker #
  • Well it had to happen – broken #iPhone screen #
  • iphone repair options – none, really – replacement Apple support quotes $229, Rogers $449, cancel contract and start over $300. #
  • This week is really starting to piss me off #
  • thanks @jvangorp @jenn , just took a drive downtown – place on Douglas advertise iPhone repair – will go in tomorrow #
  • Started in a Funk, 2 or 3 trivially minor things mess with me and the week had just spiraled into the dirt from there. #tryagainnextweek #
  • @TTwynstra @twinkelmans Actually did a 2 day trial of a Sony Reader – really wanted to like it but not quite ready for prime time. in reply to TTwynstra #
  • @TTwynstra @twinkelmans , I get the savings and such. Money aside, still not liking the reading experience enough. in reply to TTwynstra #

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