This is the second time I’ve attended a session by raincoaster ( Lorraine previously spoke at Victoria Social Media Club. In a style that could best be described at irreverent , she delivers a mix of detail and context on how best to view the two faces of WordPress. – the long running open source blogging tool that you can install anywhere you have a web server and a mySQL database. – the blogging service that operates similarly to Blogger or other free Internet services that allow you to post content.

While there is a posting on the WordPress forums on exactly this question. The need to have a webserver or webservice of your own is the major difference. Despite the low cost of many hosting services there are several advantages to WordPress really takes the problems of administering a blog from the technical (updates, software) and creates an end-user maintainable solution. takes it to the next step and provides the infrastructure. I’ve recently looked at several local community group sites and the idea of having a hosted solution that can be maintained by any individual with the admin password is a great solution. The problems with community sites is seldom technical. Most of the issues come from the problem of ‘who owns’ the site. Frequently one member takes on setting up the site or barters for a local service provider. This can be a problem as membership or leadership of a community group changes. By taking the ownership issue away, provides a way to host many non-profit and community based groups web content.


WordCamp Victoria was held Saturday Nov 14th at University Canada West in Victoria


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