• RT @timescolonist: Saanich man makes top ten list of B.C.’s most-wanted car thieves. Send congrats to Drew Michael Benson, 25, 5’10, 141 … #
  • The weekend weather forecast is making me very happy – Sun and warm #
  • Damn, new place to spend money RT @timescolonist: Lee Valley Tools is coming to the Island! The newsroom is all a flutter http://ow.ly/1UYD #
  • I go to this meeting I know not why. #
  • @jvangorp yeah but Descartes was a bit of a poof wasn’t he? in reply to jvangorp #
  • Part 2 of my digital election comments http://snurl.com/f3elj #
  • RT @kinghuang The Conficker Eye Chart is pretty clever. Good thinking to whoever made it. http://tinyurl.com/cp9ew5 #
  • RT @timescolonist: Tweet away! It’s good for your career. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter at work make better employees…. http://ow.ly/1WvG #
  • @sleslie I can’t speak to that model (I have a U100) – but for a small, relatively low powered machine I find the battery life unimpressive in reply to sleslie #
  • My accelerated withdrawal from network TV is almost complete. Thanks to my recent FOX boycott I’m down to about 4 shows left on my DVR #
  • @odawna Well I kind of migrated from PVR to alternate paths – I’m watching Wire In the Blood right now in reply to odawna #
  • so liking the netbook lifestyle so far. the trackpad is a little twitchy but other than that – twitter, chat and facebook and I’m good to go #

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