• Apparently @sleslie is now so happy it is becoming dangerous – can show tunes be far behind #
  • to restart the world economy the G20 earmarked 1.1trillion, Use it to buy everyone in China a laptop that only goes to Amazon and ebay #
  • @sleslie other than the FU – it mixes two works “Open” and “Free” like they are the same thing – when both means about 1000 things each in reply to sleslie #
  • Today’s Walking audio is provided by ‘Predictably Irrational’ by Dan Ariely I prefer to be unpredicatbly rational – which turns out the … #
  • @sleslie don’t get you started – that is my primary use of Twitter in reply to sleslie #
  • This is me most days http://snurl.com/f6m12 #

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