I’ve long liked the idea of connecting online with new and interesting stuff. I think blogging and linking to useful online resources provide a service to others. And I’m happy to say nice things about folk that contribute back. The recent Victoria Wordcamp and the regular Victoria #tweetups are good examples of building community both on and off-line.

It wasn’t until I actually starting meeting some of these Twitter people in person that I really saw some of the value of participating online. The use of twitter for things like fund raising, community events and promoting causes are all examples of this. So this is the pay off of participating online with these types of groups.

Well recently, I got a different kind of pay-off I need to include. I recently contributed some network testing tools back to one of my favorite products – Intermapper (from Dartware). And the good folks there were kind enough to send me a t-shirt. The fact they were kind enough to notice the contirbution and do something to recognize it was the main pay-off but the t-shirt was nice too!

Also last week Blenz Coffee, through Twitter gave out a prize for people that had mentioned them online. Also not expecting any recognition, the fact that companies like Blenz are trying to promote there business and recognize those that say things about them was also nice!

So props to Blenz and Dartware and thanks for the stuff!

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