With the arrival of the Holiday Season and Christmas only a week away, many peoples thoughts turn to doing good for others. Whether it is gifts for Friends and Family or donating to others, the desire help is one of the best parts of the holidays.

Throughout the year one of my favorite charities is the Salvation Army. In a clever move they’ve agumented there traditional red kettles found in malls and outside stores with a virtual version that anyone can create for themselves (here’s mine http://bit.ly/iKettle_wakemp).

With so many charities to contribute to it can be hard to decide. Thankfully there is more information available than ever before. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) – Listing of Registered Charities provides excellent details on the revenue, expenditures, programs, and overhead for all Canadian Charities. I donate to 3 separate  organizations on a monthly basis and this was one of the main tools I used to decide which organizations to support.

In addition to deciding between legitimate organizations there is the ongoing issues with less than legitimate ones. The local Better Business Bureau provides a good source of local and national scams as well as complaints about business and charities.

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