• When they put up a Wet Floor sign in the parkcade stairwell, it's because they just wage it Right? #questionsIRealllydontwantanswered #
  • Personal Jihad on unused Web services continues – How many of these things did I sign up for and never use…. #
  • A little brighter today in #yyj not exactly sun but moving in the right direction. #
  • Consider it crowdsourcing your salary RT @hotdogsladies Wonder if I should offer "Products…

    Fuck it. I'll just rob people at gunpoint. #

  • Another day another few networks jetisoned foursquare, Second life, Now Public, Haloscan, ODEO, and eBay #
  • Finally got around to listen to the new @pilotcast podcast. Great to hear it back. #flying #

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