• finally put a game on my iPhone – productivity pluments #
  • Loaded Air Mouse on my iPhone to run my media PC – very cool #
  • This is fun RT @timescolonist: Warming up car for more than three minutes could now net you up to a $500 fine in Victoria. http://ow.ly/2rBS #
  • If we could fine individuals for idling(using resources with no productive purpose) we could pay for that bridge to the mainland in a week. #
  • @publiceyeonline is there any way to get this as a podcast “interview Delta South candidate Vicki Huntington” http://tinyurl.com/cdhv53 #
  • @odawna Fieldrunners. which is bad because I am a DesktopTower Defense junky in reply to odawna #
  • Other than archive.org – who’s got an idea of where to go for personal podcast hosting #

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