• Easter bread production, with little helpers #
  • Tweetdeck is just a little to much for a netbook – sticking with twhirl #
  • @danegolden http://twit.tv/picks by @digitalkitty, needs a thumbs up/down thing – to say we bought it, like digg – but more like urbanspoon #
  • Does it count as cheating at hide and seek if you twitter your location.
    http://bit.ly/HAVza #
  • RT @hotdogladies If thr’s 9 Features in a Product, 8 Prdts in a Service, & 6 Svcs in a Sltn, wht time will Mary’s train arrive(in hectares)? #
  • Easter food blessed, kids bathed, kitchen clean. Easter can be a tough weekend. But, not as tough as it started out, crown of thorns and all #

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