• Ode to some Mac Software "Software I just like …." | Bill Next Best Blog http://bit.ly/9jjk73 #
  • From my experience- "People don't know What they don't know": Learning “Just in Case” versus “Just in Time” Lifehacker http://bit.ly/clnKis #
  • sucking up for Google fibre: Duluth: Forget Topeka, we will offer Google our first-born children – Boing Boing http://bit.ly/c19edO #
  • @sleslie Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry? #
  • for engagement and amusement my #ff thanks to @toots11 @mikevardy @pollockdan #
  • Until the other day I completely missed that feature. RT @jtth: Launchbar's clipboard manager is worth the cost of entry alone. #
  • Is it just me or are there other people trying to have multiple copies of the same app on their #iPhone #
  • Nice! RT @Ihnatko How do I record phone interviews off my iPhone? Well, it's highly technical… http://yfrog.com/ehqwptj #

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