• @odawna All the correspondence on my Masters Thesis – just in case I ever want to do my PhD (that was actually 89-92) in reply to odawna #
  • Its Friday – that is all that the good things I can say about this day so far. – Stay tuned. #
  • The walk to work was pleasant enough, that was another okay thing – used a vest instead of a jacket for the first time this year. #
  • Pushed my walk home hard but still didn’t quite break the 50 min mark – 4.72 km in 54 min. #
  • Apparently @dbarefoot is the official twitter version of the Walmart greeter today. #
  • Sitting enjoying a pleasant cup of tea and realizing I didn’t order the truckload of bark mulch that I needed for tomorrows yard work -dang #
  • Finally retired my desktop email client – all web based now, feeling a little sentimental about it. #
  • Now that I have my mail, what about my Address Book? How about this http://snurl.com/g4nmu #

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