• I think I'll have adjusted my day to the time zones just in time to fly home – and change my clock there another hour – oh well #
  • It is severely undermining my west coast smugness that it is this nice in #ottawa , still haven't found a nice coffee place tho – so there! #
  • Visiting ottawa, tax refund deposited back home today. Tempted to drop off a thank you card or gift basket. Location: http://j.mp/9fR6cI #
  • Display at Museum of Civilization in Gateneau. I love irony. http://j.mp/bh58dU #
  • Civilization museum is great but they faked the picture in the mock up of Vancouver Airport. No 08L/26R when CPA was flying DC8s #
  • A province strattling tweet on the Gateneau – Ottawa bridge. Location: http://j.mp/9tLAf4 Oo #
  • @maryakem At the other end of town from the market unfortunately but found a winner coffee this AM. +Kids Museum in Mus de Civ for A/N in reply to maryakem #
  • @jesgood Will try – did Caffe Zucchero this AM – Americano very much to my liking. #ottawa in reply to jesgood #
  • RT @harbourliving: Pearson College Presents: One World Mar13 in #VictoriaBC Enjoy the exciting songs & dances http://ow.ly/1gfhl #yyj #

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