• Waking downtown early on the weekend the only people woking are the coffee shops and the drug dealers. And they say retail is dead. #
  • Not a bad day but my coffee is still getting too cold too quick sitting outside. Once again I ask , it’s going to get warmer soon? right? #
  • Little Stiff and sore after todays workout. May take a little rest tomorrow. #
  • The sun has made enough of an appearance to provid some warmth. #
  • Transport Canada has the most annoying online payment system on the planet, Oracle Forms with no interface work to make it consumer friendly #
  • @deltadragonlady Is Air or Tweetdeck the problem. Try others Like http://snurl.com/g5yr5 or anything else from http://snurl.com/g5ytt in reply to deltadragonlady #

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