• The first school I ever taught at is official no more as of yesterday: New Duchess Park Opens (VIDEO) http://bit.ly/aUH8nO #
  • Bundle sales are everywhere but if you need Parallels on your mac see the MacUpdate Promo Spring Bundle $49.99 http://bit.ly/cRBeuB #
  • A soldier, blinded in Iraq three years ago has been fitted with a device that allows him to "see" with his tongue http://bit.ly/9kT21b #
  • RT @DanB Note Taker 2.0 just got approved. I'll post information about it later tonight once it starts propagating in the App Store. Yay! #
  • RT @Breevy: v. 2.40 is out! Added support for importing @TextExpander snippets so Mac users can use them on Windows: http://bit.ly/dpOpWT #

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