• Microsoft canceled their company picnic citing logstical problems and cost – maybe they should check out the tutorial http://snurl.com/grpd3 #
  • @jvangorp but that didn’t mean there weren’t any bandages – see a little rhyme there. in reply to jvangorp #
  • Moved more barb mulch. Walled downtown for coffee. #
  • Walked home, Mowed lawn, did a little landscaping – we’ll call this Sunday a half-day of rest #
  • A truly fine day. Remembered the sunscreen this time. #
  • Attention Victoria – what’s it going to take to get a public calendar of events that I can subscribe to??? #
  • @odawna Yeah, but I want something I can just add/subscribe to my calendar like they do with weather or holidays in reply to odawna #

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