• @AmbrosiaCentre Looks like we're talking about the weather, Schoolnet weather to be precise – try that out as a quick demo. in reply to AmbrosiaCentre #
  • Xcode is a great tool but one click, something gets unlinked and I'm troubleshooting for an hour. #iphone #notfun #
  • RT @sleslie anyone else similarly displeased with the cancellation of MooseCamp? http://bit.ly/9Zb6pV please join me in self-org one! #nv10 #
  • @sleslie spirit of moose really needs to be around grass roots community building #altmoosecamp been thinking alot about rising above noise in reply to sleslie #
  • @AmbrosiaCentre got the app done, distribution not possible right now, but will using it as an example internally at a meeting this week in reply to AmbrosiaCentre #
  • 🙁 RT @mo_wo Lost a lot of great colleagues today. If you are going to a school tomorrow. Tread lightly. #

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