Given my background in Physics, its safe to say I have fascination with Albert Einstein. Frankly I feel he was more a comtributor to scientific thought than he was to Physics in particular. In reading his work, the science is compelling to be sure, but you get this sense of insight that is awe-inspring.

I’ve had this post in my ‘to read’ file for a while. I’ve gone back to it several times to re-read it. Again the 10 points he makes there is very powerful. These are the onesthat speak the most to me.

  • Follow Your Curiosity
  • Perseverance is Priceless
  • The Imagination is Powerful
  • Make Mistakes

via 10 Amazing Life Lessons You Can Learn From Albert Einstein – by Dumb Little Man.

Spent a lot of time recently considering my professional development, including career changes and skill improvements. What keeps coming back to me is the inability to extend my knowledge on a daily basis. Don’t want to go back to Grad School for some deep thinking, but need to find those mental streches.

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