Working with some of my vendors, many are stepping up an providing limited time added service to deal with contingency planning. Not expected but very welcome. My personal shout out to @cisco @telus @duosec @microsoft #PullTogether

It feels a little like giving in to the panic, but on the advise of just about everyone we had to cancel a planned trip to Whidbey Island, Washington next month. ☹️ We’ll be back drinking some @whidbeycoffee and #avgeek -ing out watching the @NASWhidbeyIslan practice and chomping down on some mussels in Coupeville soon.

Travelling this week so I get a little old fashion TV fix. I used to like watching Jim Cramer on CNBC. Little did I know he has now added the title climate change advocate. This week I heard him say Carbon stocks “Are the new tobacco”. That could kill fossil fuels faster than any protest.