@Carrot_app always has helpful suggestions for snowy afternoons..

Okay maybe the January Golf Tournaments, Ocean Swims and Flower counts were a little over the top. #SorryNotSorry #yyj

Repping the @buffaloairways gear on a day that definitely isn’t T-shirt weather for @MikeyMcBryan https://youtu.be/iXLm6yQWPPQ

This week’s events with Facebook and Google have confirmed that data mining my personal info is a serious business and the hackers are not in Russia, they’re on the NASDAQ. I’m not deleting Facebook entirely but their mobile apps aren’t going on my everyday carry device anymore. Of course we will find out later that they have been marketing other apps under false front names.

Christened the new cycling shoes with some serious road grime this morning.

Always like it when you score a fresh book from the library. Sniped this one. @gvpl

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. #moredaylight

My bicycle got wrecked, my SSD in my iMac crashed, and I have a cold. If that isn’t the start of some kind of hipster country song genre, I don’t know what is.