Virus Top 20

To the tune – Come on Irene

Covid 19, I swear I’ve been distanc-ing
At the moment you mean everything
Who’s getting it next
Not me, I hope best…

In the last month, 8 Canadians in uniform lost in 3 separate tragedies along with 21 others. Against a background of 4,195 lost to Covid-19. Its hard to be optimistic. But somehow looking at their faces, you can’t help feeling a sense of pride, gratitude and hope.

Virus top 20 – To the tune of Rock the Casbah

Now the King talks of boogie men
You have to let that virus run
The Oil down 20 a barrel
Has been shaken markets round..

The Chief don’t Like it
Rock the Fauci
Rock the Fauci

Happy to see some local businesses planning there reopen. These folks are going to need help so wherever you are #shoplocal