• RT @nenshi: As you know, only Chief Sampson can give you orders under a State of Local Emergency.

    So, I’m STRONGLY SUGGESTING you all go f… ->

  • RT @StationCDRKelly: Being stuck at home can be challenging. When I lived on the @Space_Station for nearly a year, it wasn’t easy.

    A few… ->

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  • RT @CAFinUS: social distancing = flying in formation

    Save lives by staying home.

    Fly together-ish.

    #SocialDistancing | #Covid_19
    https… ->

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  • RT @shayman: Friends who arrived at Pearson from Florida one hour after us were specifically asked it they’d been on a cruise. We weren’t a… ->
  • @shayman Your better off looking for consistency in officiating with or without replays. in reply to shayman ->
  • @chatttman @shayman At very least something at counts down from 14 days. Maybe a little animation for your iChat avitar in reply to chatttman ->
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  • @BCFerrys @2010patrick If you can also provide information that completely ignores reality, that would be helpful too. in reply to BCFerrys ->
  • RT @BarackObama: If you’re wondering whether it’s an overreaction to cancel large gatherings and public events (and I love basketball), her… ->
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