Adding to my Virtual Meeting Bingo card in the last 24 hours

Starleaf Cloud and Swoogo with a couple of Zoom meetings, a Goto Meeting, and a Webex.

Next step, I really need a live updating histogram with meetings by provider

  • Starting Gunmetal Gray, by Mark Greaney ->
  • RT @SamChuiPhotos: Photos from my recent fly over Victorville, Ca. You won’t able to count how many airplanes are parked down there. https:… ->
  • RT @terryoinfluence: If you are a Stranger Things fan, listen to the story of how the Duffer brothers were rejected over and over again bef… ->
  • RT @scamperbeasts: Just a cat and his bunny. ->
  • I may not be able to watch football, but at least I can watch something football-ish.. See you Thursday… ->
  • RT @EskEmpirePod: SCHEDULE CHANGE: due to some unforeseen changes, we have to move the show to later this week. We should be on YouTube Liv… ->

So in the Isolation Game – last 24 hours of conference calls have been MS Teams, Webex, BlueJeans, Old fashion PSTN conference call, and GoToMeeting. Anyone got a Zoom meeting I can join before my next Webex in an hour?