Twitter Updates for 2018-11-14

Twitter Updates for 2018-11-11

  • RT @CEdwardsTSN: @Dave_CHED I would actually that the officials had a very good year….but admittedly and unfortunately a bad last month h… ->
  • RT @Dave_CHED: Riders offence was non-exsistent. Still don’t get why Bridge was taken out of the game on the one drive where it looked like… ->
  • RT @CKRMRiders: Bridge scrambles and throws it away. Bridge is shaken up after a late and dirty hit that goes uncalled. ->
  • RT @Dave_CHED: The officiating in this league might be at an all-time low. Clear head shot on bridge with an official looking RIGHT AT the… ->
  • RT @Morley_Scott: The Riders have the Bombers right where they want them. If history tells us anything they are one Willie Jefferson pick… ->
  • Bet heavily on the Lions O and the riders D today in #CFLFantasy according to get smoked badly. ->
  • RT @Dave_CHED: Taking Bridge out is puzzling. He’s in rhythm and the coaching staff just derailed him. #CFL ->
  • RT @balaneski: If Rod Black doesn't cover the Riders game today just to mention 'Poop' Johnson then TSN has failed at getting ratings.


Twitter Updates for 2018-11-10

  • RT @RCAF_ARC: REMINDER: RCAF to conduct flybys for Remembrance Day commemorations
    The #RCAF will conduct flybys for several #RemembranceDay->
  • RT @saanich: The #Saanich Remembrance Day Ceremony will begin at the cenotaph at 10:50 a.m. including 2 two minutes of silence at 11 a.m.,… ->
  • Please describe the use case they are trying to protect from here… ->
  • RT @LenRhodesPrez: I am so proud. I dedicate this program to my sister, Sandra who was born deaf and is a shining example of perseverance… ->
  • RT @jetcitystar: Photos of the Coulson Aviation Fireliner Tanker 137 in Hilo, Hawaii. Resting there for the night before a morning departur… ->

Twitter Updates for 2018-11-05

Twitter Updates for 2018-11-04

  • RT @byterryjones: Reilly endorsement of Maas: "I’ve loved working for him. He’s one of the best football minds I’ve been around. I believe… ->
  • RT @Dave_CHED: 5. Last but not least. Retaining Maas would increase the team's chances of signing Mike Reilly a whole bunch. ->
  • REBEL ALLIANCE TO HOST QB DRAFT – Alliance of American Football Since US leagues seldom even mention the existence… ->
  • RT @JasonGregor: Reilly said point blank, “No,” when asked if he would consider the AAF. He will be in the CFL next year, we just don’t kno… ->
  • RT @JasonGregor: Regarding the CFL football ops salary cap. It hasn’t officially been voted in yet. It is expected to be, but hasn’t yet. S… ->
  • RT @Morley_Scott: Both GM Brock Sunderland and coach Jason Maas say that they have talked with Mike Reilly to make sure he knows how much t… ->
  • RT @AirplaneGeeks: You maybe cool but you aren’t Jimmy Stewart getting out of a B-58 cool! Actor Jimmy Stewart Talks Up B-58 Hustler, Scare… ->
  • RT @sacca: Store your jar of peanut butter upside down.

    Also, vote. ->

  • RT @GregOnSports: Let go to the replay on that Ty Long contacting the kicker call… ->
  • With all the low grade infomercials on youtube pre-rolls there must be some serious problems with their advertising stock. ->

Twitter Updates for 2018-11-03