What’s On in Victoria?

Victoria is a wonderful place to live but, in my experience, not always an easy place to get to know. I was here for 3 years before I even figured out major events such as Symphony Splash and Feast of Fields. In the last couple weeks I’ve had been two additional experiences.

One was trying to find out when the Victoria Day Parade was (Stop – Even I got that the Victoria Day Parade happens on Victoria Day). Meaning what time did it start..

The second was seeing a sign in the middle of Oak Bay Avenue for the Oak Bay Tea party. Which I had no idea was happening this weekend.

In the first case I couldn’t find the parade start time with a lot of searching. In the second I didn’t think to look. Both convinced me I needed another information source.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some  great sources out there like; Calendar of Events (linked from City of Victoria), Events Calendar (tourismvictoria.com), and Harbourliving. What was missing for me was a way for this information to get in my face. I wanted a way to have these events show up in my desktop, on my iPhone, and in the daily reminders that ‘bing’ on a daily basis.

While I would love someone to step up and provide a solution,  this week I tried to build something to solve this problem. In the short term, I’ve rolled up a solution with Google Calendar that I’m sharing at www.meetupvictoria.com. We’ll see how it goes.

Twitter Updates for 2009-06-05

  • We start another Quasi Quotation Thursday in search of truth and wisdom – or at least a good punchline. #qqt #
  • “The two most common elements in the world are hydrogen and stupidity” – and we’ve started to burn the hydrogen #qqt #
  • RT @fncll: !@brlamb’s keynote “The Urgency of Open Education” about to start, live on Ustream: http://bit.ly/4T0bX #TTIX #
  • “Live and Learn” because Die and Forget pretty much takes care of itself. #
  • Ryanair to introduce pay-per-pee http://bit.ly/193cZ9 #
  • Sitting in the sun having a coffee. #
  • “take one for the team” because if you try to give one to the team your going to get your ass kicked. #qqt #
  • “what goes up must come down” which is why I try not to think about the digestive processed of birds. #qqt #
  • “it’s never too late” was obvious coined by someone that never heard of “Reply to all….” #qqt #
  • “make Love not war” has never been more true, apparently you can contract out the “making War” part these days #qqt #
  • @odawna I don’t know why you would have a low tolerance problem, I think we have the highest quality laziness and incompetence. in reply to odawna #
  • Got annoyed with no calendar of events for Victoria that I could subscribe to .. so I made my own http://www.meetupvictoria.com #yyj #victoria #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-06-02

  • “Bing is in Beta” – could that sound any more dorky http://www.bing.com/ #
  • GM bankrupt – Dow up, go figure #
  • On double entendre partrol “Two adult cougars spotted in Saanich” http://bit.ly/mqzDb #
  • For some reason – I will pass on the invitation to do the “What kind of girl are you?” quiz on Facebook – Damn you , gender roles! #
  • @jvangorp You really don’t want the kind of ‘prizes’ I give out in reply to jvangorp #
  • Now I know why the Dow didn’t care about GM – its not in the DJIA anymore http://bit.ly/unW2u #
  • Guy walking the galloping goose with his snake. No joke just a PSA. #
  • @macosken I wondering if any piece of Pre marketing will actual use the word iTunes in reply to macosken #
  • @odawna I was past the guy before it really registered, wasn’t going back. in reply to odawna #
  • @odawna tried to update the settings – Twitter is having some problems in reply to odawna #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-06-01

  • Ironed shirts,mopped floor,dealt with massive network failure affecting a large chunk of the province,now have to snake a drain. Ave Sunday #
  • Having coffee. Sun Ocean Snow caped mountains in the distance. It must competlely suck to be other people. #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-31

  • Just another average day in paradise. http://twitpic.com/69ib5 #
  • had to follow @JoshMalina anyone who gets to date (even as fiction) Sabrina Lloyd and Mary McCormack is my hero #
  • if the bridge doesn’t take you where you need to go, then burning it isn’t such a big deal #
  • The theme of the week turns out to be gratitude; for friends, family, and a whack of good things. Spent today putting that in writing. #
  • Friends [frends] –noun 1. that group of people, without which, more of us would be jumping off bridges. No Web2.0 needed. #
  • On that last high note – now to go clean the bathrooms #
  • Realized – should put Mses Lloyd and McCormack on my admiration list and cut out the middle man (Sorry @JoshMalina) #
  • Watching – Richard Schiff and Josh Malina on ‘In Plain Sight’ with Mary McCormack. Its the West Wing reunion tour! #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-30

  • The right path is seldom easy or obvious. I only know I’m on it by the quality of the company I keep. #
  • RT @VicConcierge: RT @VanNSTourism: BC Ferries offers savings up to 33% off mid-week fares in June http://ow.ly/9VJ6 #
  • Stalin’s estate is filing a patent suit against Adobe, they claim he was removing people from pictures since the ’30s. Q:Is there prior art? #
  • I’m seriously considering getting a girlfriend – or possibly a cat. Really don’t know which. #
  • @odawna the podcasts are in your library as soon as they are downloaded. You just need to right click and set it not to delete them. \ in reply to odawna #

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