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  • RT @sheaphillips: Who thinks we need a tech-culture-innovation co-work space in downtown #yyj? Would you pay ~$500/mo for an spot? DM me #
  • @culturite not exactly suicide bug whacked 12 disused social network tools so far this week. in reply to culturite #
  • RT @HootSuite HootFans, updates include Hootsuite Apps and Developer Plugin Directory, WordPress integration & more.. http://ow.ly/Tphv #
  • New Flight Planning link for 2010 Olympics, now I know what the US guys complain about with TFRs #flying http://ow.ly/TtMJ #
  • Walking home and it's still light out #yeah #

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  • When they put up a Wet Floor sign in the parkcade stairwell, it's because they just wage it Right? #questionsIRealllydontwantanswered #
  • Personal Jihad on unused Web services continues – How many of these things did I sign up for and never use…. #
  • A little brighter today in #yyj not exactly sun but moving in the right direction. #
  • Consider it crowdsourcing your salary RT @hotdogsladies Wonder if I should offer "Products…

    Fuck it. I'll just rob people at gunpoint. #

  • Another day another few networks jetisoned foursquare, Second life, Now Public, Haloscan, ODEO, and eBay #
  • Finally got around to listen to the new @pilotcast podcast. Great to hear it back. #flying #

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It has been my experience that the universe is resplendent with irony and serendipity. Sort of two sides of the same coin really. On the last day of 2009, I expressed gratitude for the lucky circumstances of the prior year. As if to reinforce my thoughts of the prior day, I met some folks on the first day of this year that only made me more grateful.

I’ve always believed that you make your own way in life but you needed to recognize that your accomplishments are never solely because of your own effort. If you forget the latter part of that the universe has a couple ways to remind you. Irony tends to focus on the negative or annoying side of things. Serendipity provides for the more positive reinforcement of your actions.

My favorite quote on irony is from Blackadder;

“Baldrick, have you no idea what irony is?”

“Yes, it’s like goldy and bronzy only it’s made out of iron.”

If I was to track my affinity for faith in the ebb and flow of the universe, it would likely go back to my early twenties. I was flying a group of air cadets at Boundary Bay airport. The weather was getting increasingly bad and I just had one of those feelings that it was time to put the airplane back on the ground. There was much disappointment and, all things being equal, I would have felt like an idiot for a good, long time but Serendipity stepped in. As I remember it, that night on TV there was a story of two other pilots in a Mooney who crashed into an area of south Surrey known as Panorama Ridge. This is not intended as a story about making the right choice but rather about being confident in the choices you make – right or wrong. Learned to have confidence in my own decision making and always trusted those little feelings every day after that.

Fast forward to last Friday (Jan 1), a unique Canadian tradition is the New Year’s Levee. When various levels of government open their doors to the general public to welcome the new year. I attended the Levee at my local Municipal Hall. A minor thing, expected to go in shakes some hands, have a cup of coffee and be out in less than and hour. But then Serendipity comes in again ….

At the end of the receiving line there is a gentleman in a white shirt helping out with the food service. An older gentleman to be sure, like semi-retired. He was having a conversation with someone else and I found it interesting enough to join them. Turns out he had served with the Black Watch of Canada. A storied Canadian Regiment known for there heroic but devistating attack on Verrières Ridge during the battle of Normandy in 1944. In a breif conversation I learned he has a son in the Navy, and a grandson in the PPCLI due for deployment to Afghanistan in the next couple months. This unique little piece of Canadian history had just dropped into my lap. I couldn’t end the conversation without offering my hand out of respect and offering my best wishes for the safe return of his grandson from his upcoming duty. The Princess Pat’s are as fine a unit as you will find so that young solider is in good company but the thoughts of their recent loss in an IED blast couldn’t be far from that Grandfather’s mind.

Had it ended there, it would have been a nice anecdote to share. However it didn’t. While standing and having a conversation another unlikely story unfolded. Another older gentleman joined that circle. He was Polish by birth, had been interned in Russia after the fall of Poland in 1940. Interned is probably a little to polite. Russian prisons under Stalin didn’t show a lot of compassion to anyone. He survived the conditions long enough to see Russia join the war against Germany at which time he was allowed to leave to join the Polish Forces in England. He was a paratrooper and mentioned he had jumped in combat twice once in France and once in Holland. Well my sense of history was again peaked. There was only one major airborne operation in Holland and the Polish connection sealed the deal. My response was “You jumped at Arnhem?” – he did. If you don’t know the story of Operation Market Garden , I’d recommend the book or movie “A Bridge Too Far” as a primer. Again a story of valour and horrible loss.

Now I don’t expect this to mean as much to others as it would to me. I find history, especially military history compelling. Serendipity had placed these two stories in front of me in the most unassuming way. All it does it reinforce the value of putting yourself out there and being open to the experiences that arise around you.

But the story doesn’t quite end there. I found myself out at lunch today just randomly wandering deciding where you grab a coffee. Whether it was serendipity alone or a unconscious sense of something else. I found myself standing by the side of a street in downtown Victoria shortly after noon as the procession carrying the body of another PPCLI soldier passed by. I paid my respect to Lt Nuttal and went on my way.

My favourite quote on serendipity is from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, by Douglas Adams, on following random choices that come before you:

“it doesn’t always get you where your going but it frequently gets you where you need to be…”

  • RT @GDgeek: Fun movie #victoriatweetup w/ @yukari @Odawna @CJStephenson @toots11 @freshleafdesign @lacouvee @scottgarman @fransjonker #yyj #
  • Was going to take my usual Sun break from the gym. Too many holiday breaks so it's off to the gym I go. #
  • serindipity at levees Order of Canada member, Ex Black Watch with a Grandson (PPCLI) headed to Afgnstn and Pole ex-pat who jumped @ Arhnem #
  • If you want the promo for the Apple Tablet, this is it!: 1987 ‘Knowledge Navigator’ Concept Video From Apple http://bit.ly/89Nupi #
  • Interesting post:Fed Up With Facebook Privacy Issues? Here's How To End It All http://bit.ly/8i1lsN #
  • my #socialmedia resolutions for 2010 Dropping Yelp, Friendfeed, and BrightKite, Keeping Twitter and Facebook (for the moment) adding Ning #

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Many people make resolutions, wishes or express their hopes for new and different things in the coming year. While I’m still looking forward to 2010, if there is any good mojo left I’m happy to pass it on to others.

You see I had a pretty great 2009. When I think of where I was a year ago and where I am now, I am completely astounded.

First, I worked through a health-related issue that took a lot of work and determination. As with all life changes you can never take the credit yourself. I have many friends that provided help, encouragement and kept me on track. I really expected to take at least another year before to get to where I am today.

Second, While I have many special people in my life, I added a couple more this year. As a person who measures themselves by the quality of the people around me – I am truly blessed.

Next, I got out and involved in more things this year. Part of feeling better and having friends is getting out and doing things. Whether it is guys night with some good friends or a Saturday morning with me and an airplane – it really feels good. One of my favorite expressions is “you always need to remember the fundementally cool things about being you” – got to take some of my own advice.

While there are still things I can do better – and I don’t intend to stop trying. Hoping for a job change in 2010, find a few more challenges, maybe pick up some new skills both personally and professionally. Travel to some places I haven’t been.

To God or any other higher power out there, if there are extra blessings or wishes that you are passing out with the flipping of the calendar please look for some other worthy folks, my answer is – No Thanks – I’m good.

Happy New Year.

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