Twitter Updates for 2009-02-19

  • Last day of work before a brief respite. #
  • How many do-overs ( is Facebook is going to get. If Beacon hadn’t happened would there be as much concern over the TOS. #
  • If you consider the President and CNN entities instead of people - apparently that makes Stephen Fry the cooles … #
  • If you consider the President and CNN entities not people -<> that makes Stephen Fry the coolest person on earth #
  • I’m minimizing my Facebook setup, you just don’t get a warm and fuzzy from those guys that really makes you want to put a whole bunch there. #
  • Does anyone know a good way to bulk upload to gmail? like a 100,000 messages or so? #

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Twitter Updates for 2009-02-18

  • Tuesdays – never could quite get the hang of Tuesdays #
  • Another appointment – sigh. #
  • The problem with continuing to ask “what’s the worst that can happen?” is someone may decide to show you. – no thanks I’m good! #

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Getting a web flow going

What you need to have a web presence that can move with you.

So this is my thing. Anyone that still uses there ISPs email address – just doesn’t know what they are doing. Do they really think they will always use the same provider. They will never get ticked-off and change, never move to another location this ISP doesn’t serve?

ISPs should stop giving out email and web space. Their offerings are useless and it really just makes the rest of us feel like they are charging us for something we will never use.

There are several excellent ways of getting around this. Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo all have excellent mail offerings, free, completely mobile, and uses both web and desktop clients. If you’d rather have your own identity – for cheap you can get a domain ( I have about 20 of them now), and find someone to give you free DNS service (I use Forward the mail to the hosted mail service and you are done.

Since we are starting down this road here are my picks – pretty much eliminates any need for data on my workstation. Give me a copy of Firefox and I can make any computer mine.

Mail, Wordprocessor, Spreadsheet, and Calendar – Google
Pictures – Flickr (YahooID)
Bookmarks – (YahooID)
Notes/Scrapbook – Evernote (Web and desktop, includes iPhone)
Blogging –
IM – GTalk – moving more to Twitter
RSS- Newsgator (desktop and web)
Password manager – Sxipper (not exactly a web site but it makes everything else work)

Personal Profile and Aggregation – Facebook, the "Here I am, and Here’s how you get the rest of me"

IM/webphone – still use MSN and AOL frequently, would like something that does what iChat, Skype, or such can do.

Contacts – never found a good stand alone "People Catalog" need someone to come up with ‘CRM-lite’ software that tracks interaction across various machines and web sites.

What ever happened to OpenID?

It was 2 years ago at Northern Voice¬†that I got into some identity management issues. I liked the OpenID and hoped it would go somewhere – hasn’t yet. It is so bad now I need software to keep track of passwords for my software. I haven’t cateloged them all – but I’m at about 152 username/password combos. And that is for sites used in the last 4 months.¬†

Despite some decent uptake from Yahoo, Facebook, it really hasn’t gotten any bigger. Yet the plethora of online tools have kept building.