When you need a law – feel free to make one up.

Apparently there have been a bunch of new laws written in the past week or so, the laws of war, the law of humanity, and the law of proportionality. The last one must be somewhere between the law of gravity and ohm’s law.
My latest WTF momenent is provided by the Toronto Star. Just to prove that old media can be more ill-informed than bloggers. While introducing these ‘obvious facts’

"we now accept, in spite of the rationale provided at the time, that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor did not justify the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that killed and maimed thousands of civilians"
– Apparently they should have bombed Osaka bay and called it even, or allowed the Japanese to scuttle a couple dozen ships as an act of contrition.

"When the French footballer Zinedine Zidane delivered his now infamous head-butt in the World Cup final, the question on everybody’s mind was, "what could have provoked such a response?" FIFA’s investigation and rulings attempted to address just that question."
– lack of control isn’t enough, apparently bad acts were the fault of the victim, try that ‘law’ in pedophile cases

"If a child at school steals another child’s lunch, the victimized child can either try to get his lunch back with or without the principal’s assistance, …." at what point does comparing a century old conflict to a fight at recess, signal the fact you may have gone off the reality bandwagon.

Complete Reference http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1153864209358&call_pageid=968256290204&col=968350116795

Your not helping us fast enough

As the first Canadian arrive in Canada from Lebanon many are critiquing the organization of the evacuation. Apparently, they do not believe they were kept informed and that the response was to slow. Now these words come from people that have just left a war zone so frustration is expected. But I can’t help thinking – Do we feel so entitled as Canadians that we complain about those that come to our aid?
There have been many incidents where police, fire, and medical services are criticized for how they go about their work. In this case, the belief is the government should have been able to organize an evacuation of tens of thousands in less time than they did. It has taken 20 years to by new military helicopters and recent attempts to purchase things faster have draw political flack but a multi-million dollar effort to move 50,000 people (more than the entire Canadian military) should happen in less than 7 days. Doní t think so.

A friend asked me after my trip to France last year whether I believed another World War was possible. I answered, that I did not believe that we had the sense of sacrifice that caused hundreds of thousands of Canadians to travel all over the world and be prepared to give their lives.

We live in a microwave world where any challenge should be overcome in less than 5 minutes. If someone wonít wait 6 minutes to defrost a roast chances are they wonít spend more than 10 trying to understand the global forces that are causing death, displacement and tragedy on some random spot in the world.

And doing something about it – isnít that somebody elses job?

Support your Local Sheriff – Part II

Some more worthy causes and useful tools.
After the last post on this topic I was compelled to write another post supporting the many forms of ‘free’ online content. Of course, it isn’t really free – everything costs someone, something. But I added Azureus to my list of donations today.This open source product delivers many pieces of online content that I now use more than my cable television service. If I pay Shaw Cable $100/mo for the minimal new content they serve up between May and September then Azureus is certainly worth a few dollars. This adds to my ‘good guy list’ which includes donations to

  • The Conversations Network
  • Wikipedia
  • Creative Commons
  • This week in Tech – Leo Laporte
  • Slashdot Review
  • Not to mention a couple dozen pieces of good shareware software. I don’t expect these people are getting overly rich on my contributions but you have to vote with your dollars on occasion.

    Canada to buy C-17 – Boeing

    Flight International Reports the often rumored purchase of C-17s by the Canadian Forces.
    Flight International Reports the often rumored purchase of C-17s by the Canadian Forces. This will be part of several announcements of equipement replacement programs to happen this week.

    Boeing is fighting for additional orders to keep the production line running following the completion of existing USAF orders.

    I’m Outa Here

    Leaving Las Vegas
    Well, I must admit that Las Vegas is not on my list of places to go back. Not enough of a drinker or a gambler for it to do much for me.I was at least smart enough not to book a 7AM flight. Apparently, the lines were quite bad early in the morning. The one thing I will say for this trip to Networkers – it takes nothing to strike up a conversation. I was sitting at the airport an another conference go-er wanted to share a table and we struck up a converstation. It was his report from a colleague that let me know what the airport was like earlier in the day. That was common most of the week. By the time I arrived, the lines had died down and it was a breeze through the check in and the security check. Props to Alaska Airlines for another trouble free trip. The web check in and the express line for First Class were both excellent. So I had some time to waste at the airport. Well contrary to the hotel McCarran Airport has FREE WiFi. So that made for an excellent way to pass the time.

    Thursday Keynote

    The food is better today but the Keynote is worse
    After ranting the other day about the hopeless breakfast offerings they came back with eggs, Sausage and bacon today. Which was a more paletable option than the last two days.

    So on that note, I attended the ‘inspirational keynote’. The last networkers I attended this was Chuck Yeager – whose signature now adorns my Logbook – so anything would be a step down. But this one was a drop off the cliff.

    In the spirit of Jon Stewart – Moe Roca did a take off on his TV shows with various US political themes and some ‘edgy jokes’. There were some laughs but the ‘contestants’ he brought up from the audience for a couple skits got bigger laughs.

    The best one of the day – "What is the best thing about being a woman at Cisco Networkers?" – No line up at the washroom.

    Next stop for Networkers is Anahiem next July.

    Conference Food

    Eating at conferences – Not really the heathly choice.
    The Networkers Conference includes meals on site for all the participants. Which is an excellent idea for a conference this size (>10,000). But preparing for a group this big shows some issues in catering. They have included some healthy snacks (veggies, cheese) and some choices at meals. The majority is still alot of fatty foods and white bread. Breakfasts here are particularly disappointing. Sweet breads, cereal, and a hot food choice. Yesterday it was a breakfast burrito (don’t ask) and today it was a bagel version of an egg McMuffin. At least they have some fruit but the coffee is tragic.

    Networkers Las Vegas – Hotel billing

    The 101 ways a hotel tries to get more than the room rate from you.
    I decided to stay at the Hilton as it was the main Conference hotel for Networkers here in Las Vegas. After much travelling over the last 5 years, I really should have known better.I have a rabid distrust for the ‘full service’ hotel chains as they have demonstrated less than excellent service at above average prices. The latest annoyance is the Las Vegas Hilton. Arriving here it was a reasonable looking hotel and I was paying a premium to be next to the convention center. I addition to the oom rate, they want 10.99 per day for internet, $3 if you want to use the little room safe, and $4/bottle for the bottle water. The water is provided complements of the hotel. Apparently ‘complementary’ doesn’t mean what I thought it meant. The room is rather sparse with a bed, soft chair and an office chair. The view is excellent but I am hard pressed to get my laptop and cell phone plugged in at the same time. The cost of connectivity – especially at a NETWORKING conference drives me off the deep end. Thankfully the conference itself has free WiFi so that is what I will likely be using most of the week.

    “In death we are all equal”

    In Wimereux Cemetery not far from the grave of the Lt Col John McRae lies the graves of nurses killed during bombing raids of the hospitals.

    After hearing of the death of Captain Nichola Goddard, my thoughts ran to standing in Wimereux by the grave of Sister Lucy Duncan being suprised by the thought of women dying in the Great War. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to put these two thoughts together because in a story on Captain Goddard in the Globe and Mail included the following timeline

    1914-1918: Enemy action during the First World War kills 29 Canadian military women.

    1988: Canadian Human Rights Tribunal orders the Canadian Forces to achieve complete integration within 10 years.

    2006: First Canadian woman in a combat role killed in battle.

    We can not think war and sacrifice is either long ago or far away.

    To quote a Jewish Phrase “In death we are all equal”
    Captain Nichola Kathleen Sarah Goddard, 1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery