Rudi Giuliani’s book Leadership has a section on need to getting into the habit of teaching yourself. From an educators point of view he has a great line about having a good understanding of ‘first principles’ as a way to guard against getting ‘dupped’.

Several times during his own book he quotes other texts that influenced him. Including at least 2 books on Winston Churchill. Noteably Churchill A Biography by Roy Jenkins
(Format: Trade Paperback · Published: October 2002ISBN: 0452283523 · Published By: Plume)

When Canadian forces in Kandahar come under attack, the skies above are quickly abuzz with the distinct hum of the Royal Air Force’s Harrier jets carrying 45-kilogram bombs.
When Canadian forces in Kandahar come under attack, the skies above are quickly abuzz with the distinct hum of the Royal Air Force’s Harrier jets carrying 45-kilogram bombs.Without aircraft of its own in Afghanistan, Canada must rely on other members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization coalition for air support.”The Canadians are one of our biggest customers at the moment,” said Flight Lieutenant Scott Williams, a 29-year-old Harrier pilot from : Canadians look up, way up, for support

From Lewis MacKenzie in the

I leave it to a Canadian soldier to have the final word. Having served in Afghanistan, he called in to a Toronto talk show on Sunday just after I had finished my interview. I wish I had recorded his name. To paraphrase, he said, “We wear the Canadian flag on the sleeve of our uniform, we salute it every day in theatre and if we are killed, it drapes our coffin. That is how the flag respects us. If the public wants to show its respect for us, give us the funding, the equipment, the training and the support to do the job you order us to do.”

I wish I had said it that well.

Amen, brother.

Referenced by Marc Prensky at his talk at BC Ed Online conference, this little snippet really hits home with me.
I was always a little bored by school and wasn’t a big fan of artifical hoops that needed to be jumped. I had the same feeling as a Teacher where there were sections of the curriculum that really had no relevance that I could justify.

Listen to the Natives // Marc Prensky
Pragmatically, our 21st century kids’ education is quickly bifurcating. The formal half, “school,” is becoming an increasingly moribund and irrelevant institution. Its only function for many students is to provide them with a credential that their parents say they need.

Conference Sports – like Theatre Sports only different
I was attending Nancy Whites Presentation at Northern Voice and the concepts of performance and improvisation were mixed with her laptop having a mind of its own on the slide timing.

I decided this should be part of a conference – our own version of Theatre Sports. Make up a deck of slides on a topic, get a couple of skilled presenters, and have a improvised presentation.

They don’t see the slides until they come up and then they have to talk too them.

This should be worth some good laughs.

After the last two days of Northern Voice, it strikes me that one of the features of a blog is the ability to record your thoughts and archive them.
In short, I have a record of my brain from the past. In the course of the last hour of Nancy White’s ( presentation Snow White and the Seven Competencies of Online Interaction ( I have had several significant thoughts and I have barely been able to hold them in my head before the next one comes along.

In this environment it would be very useful to have a a record of my brain from 5 minutes ago.

Very much like my Tivo at home, the ability to rewind a line of thought and I think my blog is the closest I can get.